Structure & Function

Structure& Function

Structure Function
Medical Affairs Section The management of medical affair , establishing the emergency care system , psychiatric health , long term cave and medical staff.
Pharmaceu-tical Affairs Section The management of pharmaceutical affair and controlled medicine, assisting local drugstores to carry out the separation of medical and medicine, and the management of pharmacists.
Food Safety Section The management of food sanitation and health food, the advertisement of national nutrition.
Health Promotion Section The management of women & children, eugenics, kindergartener health , occupational disease ,the elders, the prevention of women-cancer and stomatology, the development of community health.
Disease Control Section In change of the business of communicable disease control, inoculation, occupational health ; the management of foreign lablors health and health offices.
Laboratory Section The testing affairs of food sanitation and public health.
Planning Information Management Section Develop the electric information of health management , the lawful affairs of public health law and the research and service for people , the management of editing health magazines and related books.
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Changhua County Chronic Disease Control Center